Discovering the Klecksography and Bilateral Symmetry of Rorschach’s Psychodiagnostic.

Hermann Rorschach Psychodiagnostics textbook, was the theme of this semester for me. After reading several books and many research well on the topic of symmetry. I have decided to convert the text in a picturebook, because I personally understand it, because it is indeed written very well, but in the long term for layman not attractive and a little boring. My picture book is about what the 28 subjects have seen depict and so to give an overview of the whole, while it is not always possible to show what they seen, there is also moved answers and fantasy figures, who can not be shown, for a complete picture of all, you need to read the textbook. The volume is divided into four parts, the volunteers, the ten panels, tables and a overview of all things. All are based on Rorschach‘s textbook and take in content with respect thereto.

The subjects briefly presented all 28 subjects and their medical conditions, and it in some a reference to newer diseases are, as will be discussed in the book, today often not diagnosed. The second part refers to the ten panels and on what the individual subjects saw each of them. The penultimate section focuses on all things seen, these are briefly explained, as some of the objects seen are no longer commonplace today. In the last chapter there is a conversion of tables from the textbook.