Until 2025 there is an enormous increase in the worldwide logistical system up to 80%. A big part of this transport will also take place on the rail.

However there is no attractive rail concept for express transport as mailing freight, perishable goods or parts for process working until now. Main problems here are the lack of flexibility and speed of normal freight trains. This is where the ORCA concept jumps in. It uses the high speed lines that are only used for passenger transport until now. The main idea of ORCA is the modular system and changable built-up system. It can be used for

the transport of passengers by day and the carriage of special cargo-modules in the night. These modules are portaged from there individual starting points to the ORCA loading-terminal by trucks. The cargo-modules including integrated batteries which are loaded while the cargo-modules are transported by the train. At the finishing point this energy is used to power the electric trucks.

The advantage of ORCA besides the utilization of unused infrastructures is mainly the tapping of the core-benefits of each system, street and rail.