Sebastian Oettler

WiSS Walking in Space System

The „WiSS“ is a fitness - module for the ISS or space ships for future long-term stays in space.

Markus Kurkowski

Independence Beyond

barrier-free caravan concept

Peter Vosding

Machinery Plane wash

Automatic aircraft - washing plant for installation in existing airplane hangars

Sitzen mit Funktion
Alexander Negoschanu

Sitzen mit Funktion

Ein gesundes Hockerkonzept

Highspeed Train
Julian Fordon

Highspeed Train ORCA - overnight | railroad | cargosystem

A highspeed train with a changable build-up - Usable for passenger and cargo transportation.

Water toys
Svea Hillenbrand

Water toys

Magnetical sinking parts for building and transparent floating balls – a playful way to support childrens adjustment to water and to teach how to swim

Emergency Airdrop
Adrienne Finzsch

Emergency Airdrop first aid airdrop-system

Flightable developed system for first aid airdrops

Boris Innecken

A system for combating oil spills

When combating oil spills, large volumes of oil spread out over a large area usually need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Henning Strobel

A mobile drinking water supply facility

In cooperation with Gunter Ott (Siemens AG, Drive Technology Division)

Marcel Kieser

Control „MOTO“

A office chair, that brings physical mobility.

Christof Spath

Wandel „YONA Furniture“

Ein Teppich faltbarer Teppich wird zu einem Loungesessel.

Tillmann Beuscher

Interim prosthesis

An adjustable prosthesis for cheap production for humanitarian aid

Markus Maurer

Balance Suspended lamp „Riga“

A freely movable LED suspended lamp, based on a mobile principle.

Johannes Mühlig-Hofmann

Transformation Foldhelmet Kabuto

A foldable bisycle helmet which is easy to store.

Culture of everyday objects
Philipp Felix Christ, Boris Innecken

Culture of everyday objects „Der Eine Woog“ and „Der Andere Woog“

Dynamic seating

Markus Kurkowski

Medical Design „Synchronic Walking Assistant“

A walking assistive device for rehabilitation

Sebastian Becker

pbot Structure

Concept for Automated Parking of Cars

Motorcycle design
Bodo Warden

Motorcycle design

The design of a motorcycle can have many different purposes.

Studie eines autarken Forstroboters
Matthias Fischer

Studie eines autarken Forstroboters „Corta“

Studie eines forstwirtschaftlichen Produktes, unter Berücksichtigung kultureller, wirtschaftlicher und ökologischer Aspekte.

aeroplane hauler
Wanjo Koch, Peter Kettenring

aeroplane hauler „Heavy Duty“

Development of heavy-weight machines

dialogue between tradition and future
Thomas Miklolvich

dialogue between tradition and future

Furniture cut from a single piece of birch multiplex plywood without waste

Glider cockpit design
Fritz Hensel

Glider cockpit design

This draft achieves a synthesis of innovative technology and contemporary design.