Markus Kurkowski

Medical Design „Synchronic Walking Assistant“

A walking assistive device for rehabilitation

Friends of the Woog
Oliver Milas

Friends of the Woog Make a difference!

A series of posters

Alice Mattheß


Skurile Fremdwortgeschichten zeigen, dass sich Sprache wandelt

Rolf, you're a sensation!
Eva Marlen Anhäuser, Angelina Dalinger

Rolf, you're a sensation!

To get in touch with Rolf*

R. Faller, P. Monza, M. Maier, L. Pilz, M. Volz
Sandra Doeller

R. Faller, P. Monza, M. Maier, L. Pilz, M. Volz Make a difference!

Visualisation of an ideal process of coming to terms with an event inspired by the bereavement counselling service in Darmstadt.

Christoph Reichert

»Symbtoms« Make a difference!

Magazine on the topic of dyslexia

Motorcycle design
Bodo Warden

Motorcycle design

The design of a motorcycle can have many different purposes.

aeroplane hauler
Wanjo Koch, Peter Kettenring

aeroplane hauler „Heavy Duty“

Development of heavy-weight machines