Lucha libre is a special type of "professional wrestling" which was developed around 1930 in Mexico and, translated, means "free fight". The defining characteristic of lucha libre is strong men in costumes, who throw each other across the ring and insult each other. A referee appears superfluous and rules non-existent. This sport, so popular in Mexico, is all about the constant test of strength between good and evil. During the fight, the luchadore (wrestlers) take on the role of saints, ghosts and monsters and take on animalistic, extraterrestrial or heroic characteristics depending on the role they are assigned.

I have developed four magazines and a photo brochure. With these, I hope to give the reader an insight into the world of lucha libre and with this a little into Mexican culture. The work invites interaction.

Firstly, it shows how one designs a luchador, secondly how one trains as a luchador, thirdly what can be expected in the ring and fourthly gives some worthwhile information to read about lucha libre. The photo brochure shows a series pictures of the luchador I designed and created myself. With the help of the magazine, one should get an idea of the visual inundation with which one is met in Mexico, and particularly in lucha libre. My work is limited to a certain area, so that the observer is not overwhelmed by the visual chaos. He can select individual sections for himself and has the option of bringing in personal associations.