Whether it's a vacant building in a housing complex or a tent abandoned after a festival, an entry in a last will or a sticker on a fridge, a towering monument or inconspicuous bulky waste:  Residues of any kind are characteristic for our environment and are at the same time transmitters of specific or unspecific messages to the ensuing ages. Even if the message is only "see for yourself what you can do with it", they all carry an impulse that once was within them.

In my diploma thesis, I'm particularly addressing obsolete and forgotten residues. In doing so, I came across my old sketchbook and the quick ideas I jotted down during my studies, accumulated there, but never materialized.

For each of the last 11 semesters, in which other things have obviously been more important, I chose one of those bequeathed ideas per semester and will now finally realize them within my diploma thesis. I created 11 works (a lamp, a paint tube, a t-shirt, a book, etc.), which were exhibited in the diploma thesis exposition and are now "immortalized and bequeathed" in an exposition catalog.