The Department of Design of the University of Darmstadt conducts intensive hands-on design research and development in content broadly based projects. With three research institutes, we have our own strong infrastructure in this area, which benefits from both public and non-public third-party funds.

Our recent research focuses in the fields of electric mobility, medical technology, design theory and methodology, Business Design, Hybrid Design, Process Design, User Experience and history of design education.

The research activities of the department, which are often carried out in cooperation with partners from business, society, politics and other research institutions, guarantee a particularly high quality study and give our graduates interesting perspectives of academic further education and specialization.

Please contact if interested in collaborative research and development projects to Prof. Tom Philipps, in promotion questions to Prof. Dr. Kai Buchholz.

Department of Research and Design

The institute offers a platform for cooperative interdisciplinary research in the context of dissertations and PhD and Master’s theses. It also maintains contacts with companies, associations, institutions and other universities, primarily through publicly funded research and development activities, in order to promote R & D and the development of the range of courses .

Department of Innovation and Design

The IFID is the number-one specialist in the professional, method-driven management and implementation of the entire product design and innovation process. Our experienced team will support you in your assignments, research and development projects. Our portfolio covers strategy development, concept creation, cross-industry innovation, design-thinking workshops, research and analysis of user behaviour, as well as prototype construction right up to a test series.

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