Prof. Philipp Thesen

Design, Human-System-Interactions

Monday 5.00 – 7.00 p.m.
by appointment.
T: +49 (0) 6151 163 83 46


The strategic design of hardware and software service experiences is at the heart of Philipp Thesen’s activity as professor. The focus lies both on products and on structures and processes, in order to create a holistic customer experience across all touchpoints. Today designers do not only conceive products but entire business ecosystems, and with the progressive digitalization and the pervasiveness of artificial intelligence this is becoming of increasing importance. 

We as human beings are central to any design process and future designers should learn to systematically understand the user’s needs, to anticipate scenarios for application and to turn them into digital prototypes, which can be tailored again and again to the customer’s demands within an agile development process. What will be conveyed are the fundamentals of User Experience Design and Interaction Design, as well as the design of human-machine interfaces, digital prototyping and the experimental exploration of cutting edge digital technologies and their reflection in design. 

Up-and-coming designers will be able to articulate the customers’ needs within innovation processes and to integrate them into economically sustainable solutions, which go well beyond what is technologically feasible. Design can therefore significantly contribute to the humanisation of technologies and faces big and exciting challenges, given the increasing merging of real and virtual world, and the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence.


Prof. Philipp Thesen

Philipp Thesen is a designer and a strategist in the fields of the digital transformation of products, processes and business models. The exploration of cutting edge digital technologies and the development of integrated experience innovations represents the main focus in his teaching and research activities at the university.