»Idleness, Busybodies, Office Environments : The Ideology of Work«

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When you think about work, you are almost always going to think about what the effort is worth... Hence the title—I got two frogs and one grasshopper—but that is not what my work is focusing on: The rather important question on work is: how do you do it? Are you allowing yourself enough breaks? Are you doing the same routines over 
and over again? You need changes from time to time. So I decided to work on a concept, that encourages you to try out a new routine for your work day. I developed a system, in which you go to a website, where you will be asked to type in a word, which then will be encrypted into Morse Code.

The Morse Code (consisting of three separate units) is used to assign three types of states at work (work, doodle, break). Additionally, there is colour and sound assigned to the three units. Both colour and sound will be emitted by a light box, that you can hang up on your wall or simply put on your desk or any place you want to be working. The colours and sounds are picked out by their effect on your brain and subconscious, e.g. blue is supporting your awareness, combined with a beta wave (beat frequency around 14 Hz) which is supporting analytical thinking and alertness. Both these features fit into the category of focused work. According to the word you have typed into the website, colours and sounds will appear from the box in a specific order, thus deciding for you when to work and when to pause. The next day, you can type a new word and get a complete different outcome.

Routine is deadly for our thoughts and creativity, start breaking it!