Within the scope of this course we dealt with the design of typefaces, taking into account the greatest possible imagination, which knows no boundaries. The focus was on the design of a typeface with equal attention to or neglect of legibility. Starting point, stimuli and core alike were so-called cryptids. Based on this, a formal language was developed and details were examined that were interpreted into a typeface.

Participating students: Adrianna Gradowska, Aliena Koep, Christopher Tröster, Dominik Keller, Dominik Schmitt, Ina Wagner, Kai Ruhland, Marie-Sophie Schaller, Michelle Young, Oliver Böhler, Pauline Fittkau, Sabeth Wiese, Sara Keßler, Thomas John, Tilman Benesch, Zakaria Bergadi.

Go to: http://typecryptids.smvi.co/