This book is the result of a workshop run by James Goggin (Practise, London) and Frank Philippin and the students Alexander Lis, Alice Matthess, André Schubert, Andreas Strack, Anja Grunert, Christoph Kronenberg,  Juliane Karnahl, Michael Helmle, Patrick Gasselsdorfer, Rimma Khasanshina, Tim Heiler from the 12-13 June 2008 at our faculty. The plan was to investigate the visible parameters of graphic design — type specimens, halftone screens, colour — and make a book of self-produced tests. »Print-on-demand« is an increasingly important production system. Graphic designers, and especially students, have a chance to use and subvert this technology. Any book produced can also be offered for sale: perfect for individuals to make fanzines or books for example. The book we produced should be extremely useful for other designers & students to order online and analyse the possibilities of print-on-demand. The resulting 96 page book, can be purchased from »Print on Demand« publisher

»Art Directors Club New York (ADC) Cube Award 2009« in the category »Book Design: Public Service/Non-Profit Book«.

Discussions about this project on various web blogs can be found here: Thinking for a Living, Arkitip, Lined & Unlined, Speak Up (under Consideration), Drawn Articles on the project can be found in the American PRINT Magazine (12/2008) and in the Japanese IDEA Magazine