“Drugi Obieg” was used to describe samizdat material in Poland. It means “Second Circulation” (opposed to the first circulation which was the official one) and in that sense a way to avoid censorship. Working around this concept, the aim of this workshop is to create a set of individual publications that would be edited, designed and produced by the participants, recurring to available means. Using second-hand publications as raw material and having in mind concepts like second
reading, second use, second meaning, the participants are asked to rethink / reinterpret / re-evaluate / rewrite thepublication, based on one or more of the following themes:
1) Function / Form
2) Structure / Material
3) Edition / Content
4) Use / Value
5) Distribution / Circulation
6) Context / Environment
7) Production
Following this ideas, the notion of “parallel economies”, as structures that are created outside the established circuits in order to survive, will also be approached.

64 page publication
11,5 cm x 16,5 cm